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FTC Consulting is a cutting-edge HR consulting firm that is committed to evolving and enhancing their client’s work culture and people operations. Our industry-leading experts are dedicated to elevating the employer/employee experience and are committed to educating company leaders of the important role human resources strategies play in growth and profitability.


FTC vows to change the dynamic of workplace culture, synthesizing the needs of the business with the growing entrepreneurial spirit of the employee. It is our mission to serve as thought leaders in the ever-evolving space of Human Capital Management (HCM), unifying multi-generational professionals and visionaries for this millennia and beyond.


Let's face it...WE ARE the ones, who like to do the work that most business owners don't want to do.



workplace culture connoisseurs, compliance junkies and experts for all things relating to people, processes, and driving employee performance.



employee whisperers who understand the missing links within the employee/employer experience, and WE ARE the ones who are not afraid to take a seat at the table, as we truly care about our clients and what we do.



the ones who understand that HR is not for everybody, and we take pride in providing that peace of mind, that our clients desperately long to have and need. 

We are FTC Consulting. We are here to help. 


Siti Williams

Siti is the Co-Founder and Principal HR Consultant for FTC Consulting. Siti is a dynamic Human Resources Consultant, and has provided Human Capital Management services to over 400 businesses in her 15+ years career. With a vivid understanding of what it takes to be an “Employer of Choice” in today’s marketplace, Siti quickly became a top executive working for a Fortune 500 and one of the leading HCM companies in the world.


Siti's hands-on experience with a diverse portfolio of businesses brings a wealth of knowledge, industry best practices, and thought-leading HCM strategies to  FTC and its partners. An entrepreneur herself, she has played a key role in consulting several businesses by supporting the essential functions of human capital management, operations, risk management, and marketing. 




Whether completed onsite or remote, FTC's comprehensive HR Audit systematically reviews a company’s human resources systems, SOPs, and documentation, in order to identify and highlight potential risks and opportunities for improvement. 

Upon completion of the audit, clients will receive a detailed account of all surveyed areas and are provided with a corrective action plan, best practice advisement, and a score on how each area performed. Audits can be performed with minimal participation from the client, and results can be positioned as recommendations for the client to implement directly, or in  direct partnership with the FTC Consulting team. 



Unlike insurance agents, insurance brokers do not work for an insurance company. They work for their clients, providing advice on the best insurance options for their clients' needs. Their goal is to support their clients' interests — not to sell a particular policy on behalf of an insurance company.


At FTC Consulting, we take pride in being your trusted HCM advisor, serving as true business consultants that impact both company culture and bottom line. If there is a need that our client's have, it is our duty to meet it with the highest level of service, ensuring that our client's experience,  and financial outcome is nothing short of the best. As licensed brokers, we only work with the best providers in the industry, maintaining a trusted network of advisors, subject matter experts, and leaders. 


Maintaining labor compliance in an ever-evolving marketplace can deem itself very difficult for many companies, even with a dedicated HR team. Be it wage and hour compliance, working though ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) issues, or understanding how to properly navigate a termination, an effective risk management program is critical to the success and sustainability of any company.


As the main point-of-contact for owners, executives, and front-line management staff, FTC Consulting will provide direct HR consultation and support in the areas of performance management, coaching, development, investigation, termination guidance, and disciplinary action. 


Upon analysis of the company's learning and leadership development needs, FTC Consulting will develop a detailed training plan that will ensure that managers and supervisors are equipped to handle the daily challenges of managing a growing employee base.


Whether that be through participation in state-mandated training, or onsite leadership workshops that focus on effective communication, diversity, coaching, and/or ethics, FTC’s suite of HCM services also offer onsite and virtual training options, that have been proven to boost employee engagement, morale, and company bottom line.



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